HD USB 3.0 Camera

IRIS USB 2.0 Camera

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IRIS Intraoral Camera for MAC



Bring the power of the new IRIS Intraoral Camera into every operatory. This precision optical instrument features an easy to use 5-point Focus Wheel and unique USB connector that fits in a standard delivery unit. The elegantly streamlined profile has a much smaller, specially designed soft-tip with brilliant 8-point LED lighting and Sony’s Hi-Resolution CCD for the finest picture quality. Best in it’s class.


Recommended Uses:


See the list below for compatible software:


Eaglesoft 12.0 or higher

Patterson Imaging 11.0

Schick CDR 3.5


Dentrix Image 4.5

Easy Image

DENT-X ProImage




Patient Gallery

Kodak Digital Imaging






XDR Digital Radiography


Sidexis Download IRIS Drivers

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Brilliant 8-point white LED lighting and precision optical lenses for best-of-class image sharpness



The new IRIS HD USB 3.0 brings the smallest details into brilliant full-screen high-resolution focus.  With dual capture buttons and one-touch focus, control is always within reach.  IRIS HD even knows when to turn itself on and off when you pick it up and set it down.


Extreme clarity in HD is obtained with the IRIS HD precision optical lens array and Sony's advanced HD sensor for the finest picture quailty.


Product Features:


High Definition 720p resolution

Motion activated auto On/Off

8-point true white LED array

One-piece slim design soft tip

Dual capture buttons for left or right hand use One-touch 5-position electronic focus for macro to infinite viewing with OSD

High performance impact and chemical resistant seamless body

USB 3.0 connector that fits standard delivery units


Recommended Uses:


Currently compatible with: Dexis 10

Eaglesoft/Patterson Imaging 17

Apteryx XrayVision 4.0

Slimmer, smaller soft-tip on stainless steel

Multi-stop Focus Wheel for precise focusing from macro to infinity

Lights and camera

on/off buttons

Unique USB 2.0 connector fits standard

delivery tray slots

Dual capture buttons for easy left and right hand use

EUR 7.530,-

without VAT


Spec sheet

If you are unsure of which driver(s) or utilities you may need, please search our Knowledge Base.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact technical support here.



Iris Camera




IrisSetup_x64_1.1.52.exe (32 Bit OS) - Video and VirtGP (Dentrix - 32 Bit OS) - Video and VirtGP (64 Bit OS) - Video and VirtGP (Dentrix - 64 Bit OS) - Video and VirtGP


EmpiaPnP Empia Plug and Play Utility




Miscellaneous Utilities


VideoView DirectShow (WDM) stream viewer (Syntek)


AMcap DirectShow (WDM) stream viewer (Microsoft)


USBView Displays connected USB devices (Microsoft)


Joy_COM_FS_Test COM port and joystick signal tester


Joy_FS_Test Joystick only signal tester


NetService102Restart.exe Executable file for restarting NET Service 1.02


usbdeview extended info for all current and past USB devices (nirsoft)


USB_PowMan Utility for disabling/enabling USB Power Management (CullenSoft)




Legacy Iris Drivers (Most Software) - Video and VirtGP (Dentrix) - Video and VirtGP (32 Bit OS) - Video and VirtGP (64 Bit OS) - Video and VirtGP (NOT recommended - Use


netemppnp Empia PnP Utility*


PnP_Fix_x86  Fix for PnP filter registration issue (32-bit)


PnP_Fix_x64  Fix for PnP filter registration issue (64-bit)



Legacy Setup Files


















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Digital Doc LLC was formed in February of 2004 when David Wilson and three equity partners purchased the original Digital Doc Inc., from a group of northern California venture capitalists. The company’s corporate headquarters are in El Dorado Hills, California, just east of Sacramento.

Digital Doc LLC is now in its 16th year of manufacturing FDA-registered intraoral cameras. Still leading the way with innovative design and increased distribution channels, Digital Doc LLC has delivered more than 35,000 units world-wide. Since the company’s first USB2.0 digital camera was delivered to the market in August 2007, the company has sold more units than any other camera company in North America.

Digital Doc LLC recently delivered the newest and most advanced camera to the industry. IRIS has become an instant success with doctors in North America; this new camera has the most advanced focus design, the smallest LED arrangement at the tip, and the finest image ever seen in an intraoral digital camera supporting a USB2.0 format.

Digital Doc LLC has a clear vision of where it intends to be in the years to come. We have established an outstanding management team, as well as design engineers with unsurpassed knowledge, and a production team that has been together long enough to have assembled nearly all 35,000-plus units. With a succinct vision and a seasoned management team, Digital Doc plans to remain the industry leader in intraoral cameras.

Digital Doc, the leader in intraoral dental imaging is proud to introduce IRIS to the Veterinary Community. We are in our second decade of helping dental professionals communicate with patients better, helping them practice the best medicine possible, and finally, helping them to be as efficient as possible. Last year we decided to bring our outstanding picture quality and unmatched customer service to the professionals in the Veterinary Community. Dentists have learned that something as simple as taking color photographs has helped their practices tell the story to their patients on why a prescribed course of action is needed.  Are you able to tell the story to your clients?


Imagine how powerful your message to clients could be with brilliant color photographs alongside radiographs. Professionals understand black and white film, clients understand color.


Our camera has the ability to seamlessly integrate into your existing imaging software. We can plug right alongside your USB x-ray sensors, and give you and your staff the ability to switch back and forth from

x-ray to photographs.


We are here to help you and your practice. We think of our customers as partners. Our relationship does not end when you purchase a camera. Our entire staff at Digital Doc is here to make sure your practice is successful. We offer training and customer service that is second to none.  This has helped Digital Doc and the IRIS camera to become the #1 selling diagnostic camera among Dental Professionals in North America.








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